Why Choosing Your Niche Is Vital

Whether you’re new to the online marketing world or not, whether you intend to become a niche blogger, product creator, affiliate marketer or a cost per action extraordinaire – choosing your niche carefully is going to be one of the most important decisions you will make in your marketing venture.

You shouldn’t be too complacent when deciding on a niche – not every niche is suitable for newbies, and some niches have so much competition that you almost have no chance of becoming successful with them if you don’t plan your strategy first.

In marketing, we have “markets” and we have “niche markets”.  Before the proliferation of the Internet it was almost impossible for marketers to promote niche products because there was no way of ensuring that the target audience of that niche could be found and attracted towards what was being promoted.

For example, let’s take a market: Weight Loss

There are many people out there that are looking to lose weight. We hear about health, diets, fitness and exercise everywhere we look and it seems that everyone is trying to lose weight. However, before the proliferation of the Internet, there were many more products targeted towards weight loss in general than what we have today.

This was because there was no easy way to target select groups of people, and so any book or fitness DVD that was released needed to be general in order to cater for a large audience. You didn’t have the Internet to allow you to connect with a small group of people in minutes.

In order to make money before the mass usage of the Internet, you had to think big. Your product had to cater to as many people as possible. If we take the idea of weight loss, products tended to be based around certain diet programs or certain fitness programs – many of which were targeted at both men and women in order to capture as many potential customers as possible.

As it was difficult for you to put your product in front of millions of people at a time (something that is now possible thanks to the Internet), you had to think big in order to get sales.

What’s different about niches is that they are smaller groups within a larger market. A market within a market.

So, for example, if the weight loss market is something that you are interested in, you will need to narrow it down in order to find your group of buyers. With the Internet, there’s no need to try to capture the whole weight loss market – it’s almost impossible and not worth your time. Even major companies have a difficult time capturing even a fraction of their whole markets.

No, trying to take on the whole weight loss industry is a large undertaking. So this is where we look for a niche – that “ornamental recess in a wall”, – that smaller slice of a whole market.

Due to the large potential global audience that the Internet gives you, you have the chance to target just a fraction of that whole market and still provide yourself with a very nice income if you do things properly.

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