Are You Being Authentic?

Does your audience perceive you as a leader or just another person trying to make a quick buck?

One thing I am slowly starting to realize is that whether or not you’re successful in creating TRUE financial freedom (not that 9 to 5 kind)…

Comes down to two things:~

Being Authentic &

Being An Authority

Does being an Authority have anything to do with being Authentic?

Just think about this for a second…If someone come up to you in the middle of the street, no shoes and a beard coming down to his Adams Apple. Would you give him $10.00 to get his shoes shined & beard trimmed if he asked?

Authenticity brings rewards.

& in the video below my friend Vitaliy explains it perfectly. I watched it about half an hour ago and wanted to share it.

I hope you enjoy the value he shares.


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