Ex-Homeless Guy & Intentions

Just finished a training with the great David Wood and wanted to share a key insight.

David Wood started out in 2009, homeless and living out of a van. He’s now reputed to have helped more people achieve financial freedom than anyone else in the online business industry.

He started it all with a blog…

In the training that I just went through he goes onto explain how when done correctly, a blog acts as an extension of yourself and will help you to communicate your being, your energy, the light in which you wish others to see you in.

Basically, the more you follow your passions the more successful you will become.

Of course, a blog is just another tool and like most tools, it’s effectiveness depends solely on the user. Except in this case it takes more than just technical know how or learned skills to be successful…It takes an alignment of principles.

We are living in the age of ultimate transparency which can be good for some and not so good for others i.e irresponsible corporations. If you’re not expressing yourself from a place of personal power or purposeful action then people will see through the smoke and mirrors, you will not connect and will most likely never succeed with the blogging business model.

Knowing how to get to your place of power is something that is never taught in school and seldom brought up within your circle of friends, but could be the ingredient that’s been missing for you to finally taking your life to the next level, whatever that may mean for you.

David Wood speaks about his new state of the art blogging business model

Getting to your place of power is as simple as learning these two things about yourself and then taking action.

1. Knowing your conscious outcomes
What is it that you consciously want? do you want a new car, pay bills, help retire your parents…

2. Knowing your unconscious outcomes
What is it that drives you at a deeper level? What are you most passionate about? Helping others achieve financial freedom, having friends and family be proud of your achievements, setting a good example for your kids…

3. Taking action from this place of power
You now need to make a commitment to yourself, every morning…& tap into the energy you felt when discovering what really drives you. When you hit that buzz then apply that energy to your words both written and spoken and in the way you communicate with everyone you meet.

Acting and teaching from this place of power will ultimately help bring you closer to the outcomes that drive you most and will ensure that you’re providing value to the world in everything that you do.

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