Why Having A Game Plan Can Mean The Difference Between Success & Failure


Are you stuck on what it is you’re suppose to be doing to reach your goal?

I think people by nature tend to overcomplicate things and if left unchecked can set you up for failure. Maybe your starting a new business venture or just want to lose weight before summer! The fact is most will quit before ever achieving their final goal…There are of course many different excuses for quitting but I believe the pre-cursor to any excuse is not having a well thought out game plan before getting started.

What Do I Do?

Starting something new or making the decision to make a big change in your life can be an exciting time. Just the thought of achieving your goal can bring tremendous joy and bursts of energy. These feelings can be both an asset and a curse.

Asset; Tapping into the thought of achieving your goal and the energy that thought brings can be a great way to ensure you write that article when you’d rather be watching your favourite tv show, or get out of bed at 5am so you can go for a workout and have a good breakfast.

Curse; Our goals are usually very far away from our current position in life and can sometimes take months if not years of consistent work to achieve. We need to be aware that our mind can play tricks on us. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had a glimpse of my future self which then turned into a goal, set out on the path to get there and been discouraged or quit after just a few hours or couple days of effort. It’s very easy to get high on the thought of achieving your goal but the reality of what it’s going to take to get there can be very sobering.

Figuring out exactly what it is you need to do on a consistent day by day basis, putting it into a daily game plan and sticking with it, is one way to swing the odds of success in your favour.

Information Overload Trap

If your like most people then your first instinct when starting something new will be to gather and consume as much information as humanly possible on the subject. This is usually the first excuse people find to quit. Over loading on so much information will make what your trying to do seem way to complicated and unachievable. Instead, try asking someone that’s done what you want to do exactly where you should start first and just focus on that.

Don’t Over Think Yourself Into Paralysis

Once you’re clear on what your first step should be you’ll need to break it down into a daily action plan. Try not to overcomplicate this part, just keep it simple…When your partner asks you to go and get a loaf of bread from the shop do you think about every single action you need to take to get there? Get off couch, find keys, open front door, open car door, put key in ignition, start car, put car in reverse…No, because if you did then there would be no chance of you ever leaving the couch!

Draw Your Game Plan On Paper

Now that you’re clear on what it is you need to do on a daily basis to achieve your goal it’s time to write it out in an easy to read format. This can be as simple as a flow chart style image or maybe a step by step daily action plan. As long as you can read and understand what it is that you need to do on a daily basis to achieve your goal then your golden!

My Daily Action Plan.

My Daily Action Plan

One of the biggest breakthroughs I had in my life was the realization that the energy I felt when thinking about how good it would be to achieve my goal was very different to the energy I felt when on the daily grind to get it done. Not recognizing that the two existed actually stopped me from being able to tap into the higher energy when I needed a pick me up and eventually led me to believe that the daily grind was all there was and the goal I was working towards was just a fairy tale.

I use to constantly indulge in the thought of achieving my goal, talk about how good it would be with friends or business partners and live as though I had already achieved it! Overcoming this self destructing behaviour is still something I deal with but because I’m now very aware the problem exists, it’s losing it’s grip and will soon be non existent in my life.

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