My Journey!

Ever wondered what it would be like to travel the world while getting paid?

Before you ask…No, I don’t work for a network marketing company 😉

Personally, I’m always thinking and or working towards that exact goal every single day.

I want to know and share exactly what it takes to live comfortably and on your own terms.

Think of me as someone you met at a business networking event

Where something clicked and we hang out a couple times a month to discuss business or our most recent travel plans.

I’ve traveled to over 8 different countries and lived on my own in Chile for a while, so can safely say that I like to travel.

Working out and keeping fit is number one priority at the moment, I play Soccer, hike and train in boxing circuits to keep at it.!

What I've been doing for cash the last 8 years

I’ve been an Entrepreneur since 2007…One reason for this is because I’ve worked a total of about 6 months for other businesses and in that time been fired 3 times…Doesn’t make for a good resume.!

The other is because I’ve always had good mentors in my life, like my Dad. Who’ve taught me to think for myself and questioned my decisions because they cared enough to make sure, I was sure, that I was making a good choice.

My business

My brother and I own and operate a home maintenance business, currently providing the service of solar panel and gutter cleaning. I started out doing everything…Cleaning, sales, book keeping, complaints, debt collection, marketing…EVERYTHING!

Needless to say, I got over it pretty quick.

After learning from some of my online mentors I began to slowly remove myself from different roles within the business. First step was to get off the roof, I then outsourced all my sales, admin and bookkeeping to a fantastic team in the eastern states.

 Now my only role in this business is to ensure the automated systems I've built are in good working order and the business is turning a profit 

My reason for outsourcing my entire brick and mortar business was so that I can focus my efforts on doing what I am most passionate about. I love to travel and build businesses and so I needed to work out a way that I could do both.

After years of research and thousands of dollars spent I’m finally in a position where I can follow my dreams and still live a very comfortable lifestyle.

This is a place where I will share my experiences, both good and bad and teach people how to build an online business around their passion like I have done.

Feel free to contact me direct either through facebook or email for any questions or if you’d just like a skype coffee break sometime 😉


Daniel Dos Santos

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