6 Ways CrowdFire Can Take Your Twitter Account Into Overdrive

Ever wondered how people are able to add a steady flow of followers to their twitter account?

Yes, creating valuable content and distributing it across the web is one way to attract people who’ll eventually follow you back. A way to supplement this strategy though is to use an app called CrowdFire. The results I’ve seen from using CrowdFire are predictable and well worth the small monthly investment.

What is CrowdFire?

CrowdFire’s a useful Twitter app that allows you to search and follow accounts that are in your niche. Other important features include the ability to easily unfollow those that have not followed back and it allows you to send automatic messages to all your new followers.

There’s a paid and free version available. I’ve not found much use for the free version as it’s fairly limiting and the paid version is not very expensive when compared to what it can do and so I just went with that.

#1 Using CrowdFire To Gain New Followers

CrowdFire is a great way to gain a steady flow of new Twitter followers in your niche. The platform allows you to do a search via keywords and will bring up Twitter accounts that are using the specified keyword in their discussions or profile description.

The idea is to follow accounts that CrowdFire suggests in your keyword search and hope they’ll follow you back. My experience with this strategy so far has seen an average of 10-15% of followed accounts follow me back.

Best practice…I learnt from Neil Patel (online marketing guru) that in order to fly under Twitter’s spam radar it’s best to follow between 250-300 accounts per day. Following this strategy has helped my Twitter account grow by 30-50 new followers per day which is an average of 1200/month and 15000/year.

Keep in mind that this is just growth from using this strategy alone and does not take into account natural followers and people using the same strategy on you :)

All in all I think it’s a great strategy and I’ve already seen over 100 visitors to my site from having as little as 150 followers!

#2 CrowdFire & Content 

This may be a fairly obvious point to most but I’ll say it anyway 😉

Having the ability to follow so many accounts in the same niche as you, will open the flood gates of never ending content and cool things to share. In most cases your audience will be interested in the same things you are and so it’s a great way to build relationships and further establish yourself as a leader in your field. It will also give you great ideas for things to write about in your next valuable blog post!

#3 CrowdFire Ninja Tactic

Podcasting is a great way to establish yourself as a leader in your field and when done right can provide a ton of value to your audience. I’m in the process of starting my own podcast and have found a potential road block in finding the right people to interview…

Are you having the same issue?

Let me introduce you to this twitter auto messaging strategy. CrowdFire allows you to send an automatic twitter message to people who follow your account. Since your following people that are interested in the same niche as you, why not send them a message asking if they would like to be on a podcast?

I only just invented this strategy and since last night already have 3 people who’ve responded with interest to my request!

#4 Growing Your Other Social Media Accounts 

The auto message feature on CrowdFire allows you the potential to direct followers to your other social media accounts. You can take full advantage of this by letting them know you share valuable content on your other accounts and asking them to like your fan page or connect on Linkedin.

#5 CrowdFire Can Build Your Email List

Do you want to grow your email list? Who doesn’t right?

Why not use the auto message feature to let your new followers know that you have a special gift that they will be extremely interested in? Simply place a link to a squeeze page with your offer and watch your list grow :)

#6 Culling Your Followers

Nobody wants to have a following of inactive users. A great CrowdFire feature is the ability to easily unfollow inactive accounts. CrowdFire has a tab that lists all your inactive followers and easily allows you to unfollow with the click of a button.


CrowdFire is a great tool with potential to really make a difference to the number of Twitter followers you have and the results your getting from your Twitter marketing efforts…

But like most things in life it takes action on your part in order to make it work for you. I’ve made it part of my daily routine to use the CrowdFire app because I know it gets results. I suggest you do exactly the same and would appreciate hearing your results! If you are having success with this app or have another strategy that’s working for you then please leave a comment below :)

Also if you’ve gotten value from this post then I encourage you to comment and share within your own network as I’m sure others will gain value too.








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