How To Pin A Tweet And 7 Reasons Why It’s Essential

Why should you learn how to pin a tweet?

I’ve only recently started my Twitter adventures and am learning something new every day. Like today I learnt how to pin a tweet and I’m definitely glad I did.

Whenever starting something new it’s hard to know if your doing things the ‘right’ way or not and I’m one of those people that tries to get it together from the start so that I don’t miss out on gaining any potential headway. Learning how to pin a tweet is definitely one of those things that I would have kicked myself for not doing and you will too if you don’t put what I’m about to share into practice…

First I want to share a few reasons why you should be pinning and then I’ll share exactly how to do it (Video Included).

Reason #1 Pinning A Tweet Will Drive Traffic To Your Site

Pinning a tweet that’s received a lot of favourites and re-tweets is one sure way to get a lot of followers heading back to your site. Ensure the pinned tweet has a link back to some valuable content on your website and BOOM! instant traffic 😉

Reason #2 Build Your ListHow To Pin A Tweet

If the article your tweet links back to is extremely valuable to your target audience then they will be much more likely to opt-in to your email list as a new lead. Linking to related offers from within the article is a great way to increase opt-ins and take full advantage of all the new traffic.


Reason #3 Proud Display Of Social Proof

Having a tweet that’s received a lot of re-tweets and favourites is a great way to tell all your new followers that you post great content and they should respect your opinion. Social proof goes a long way in creating rapport and trust when trying to build relationships.

Reason #4 We Can’t Pin Them All

Finding it hard to pick just one incredible tweet to pin? It can be difficult to choose just one sometimes, especially when your a content creating rock star, which I’m sure you are 😉

It’s no problem though, simply cycle through your top tweets every few days! Your followers will appreciate it and it will help keep your content fresh.

How To Pin A Tweet

Reason #5 Can Make A MASSIVE Difference In Number Of Leads 

I recently read an experiment was carried out to try and figure if pinning a tweet actually makes all that much difference. I was actually shocked by the result…Their pinned Twitter card received 359 leads. A standard Twitter card that they posted without pinning collected 36 leads. That’s a 10x difference in conversions! See full article here

Reason #6 Severely Increase Your Followers

Think about it…If your content gets re-tweeted then you’re much more likely to get spotted by someone else that values your content and therefore much more likely to gain a new follower.

Reason #7 Don’t Let Your Most Important Message Get Drowned Out

Twitter is a fast paced world and so for those of you that like to tweet up to 50 times per day it’s very easy to lose your most valuable content in all the noise. Pinning your most valuable tweets will help ensure that they’re getting seen and providing tons of value to your followers.


How It’s Done!

So now that you know WHY you should be pinning your most valuable tweets, it’s time to learn exactly how to do it…Check out the video below! :)


Step 1.

Head over to your Twitter profile page and find the tweet that you would like to pin.

Step 2.

Navigate to the more button at the bottom of the tweet…Looks like 3 dots in a row (see image).

How To Pin A Tweet









Step 3

Select ‘pin to your profile page’

And your done!








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Learn How to pin a tweet!...So easy my grandpa could do it!

Learn How To Pin A Tweet and 7 ways to maximise your pinning results.

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