What Does @ Mean On Twitter & 5 Powerful @ Hacks

Did you know you can use Twitter’s @ symbol to electrify your Twitter marketing?

what does @ mean on twitter

It turns out the Twitter @ symbol can be a great tool when trying to gain exposure for your Twitter account. One of the best features of the @ symbol is that it allows you to gain exposure on other peoples accounts whether they follow you or not!

There is one pitfall that you need to watch out for…But other than that, using the @ symbol within your Tweets is great and definitely something I’ll be doing a lot more of in the future. Here are a few reasons why you should too…

#1 Hack; Direct Messaging Your Way To Brand Awareness 

Ever feel like you’re all alone on a deserted Twitter island?

Well there’s a cure for that…let me introduce you to using the @ symbol to grab peoples attention and increase awareness for your brand. Did you know that starting your tweet with someone else’s Twitter handle will have it appear in their notifications?

what does @ mean on twitter

Now let’s get clear that I’m not telling you to relentlessly spam someone…Tagging people with valuable content a few times a week can be a great way to form a relationship with a leader in your niche or to get the attention of that elusive sale you’ve always wanted.

#2 Hack; Getting Your Tweets The Attention They Deserve

Did you know you can have your tweets appear on someone else’s wall? Ok, so you probably knew that…but did you know there’s a way to have your tweet appear on their wall whether they are following you or not?

This is a very powerful hack and something that I’ll be using a lot more in the coming weeks. Imagine being able to get exposure to another leaders followers simply by tagging them into a tweet.

Again, you cannot overuse this or use this technique to spam another’s walls…That would be the shortest path to ruin your name and any chance of developing a relationship with that leader.

Instead you should try tagging them into valuable content that you know their audience will appreciate! That way everyone wins and you’ll be on your way to growing a massive Twitter following. Directing them back to your blog is a great way to potentially increase your subscribers.

*WARwhat does @ mean on twitterNING…Keep this in mind when using the strategy. What you put before the @ symbol makes all the difference to who can and can’t see the post. For example;

.@ Placing a full stop (.) before the @ symbol means your tweet will be seen by all those that follow you and the person you’ve tagged.

@ Having nothing before the @ symbol means your tweet will only be seen by those who follow BOTH you AND the person you’ve tagged (severely decreases your exposure).

#3 Hack; Kick Start Your Hashtag (#) Campaigns

Are you trying to get a new hashtag (#) off the ground?

Why not use the above technique to help bring awareness to your new hashtag (#)? Just like tagging a leader in your field can help showcase your valuable content, tagging that same leader with your new hashtag (#) can help bring attention to that too! See below for an example on how you may use it.

what does @ mean on twitter

#4 Hack; The Difference Between .@ and @

Continuing from Hack #3 I just wanted to make sure that you were well aware of biggest pitfall most newbies fall for when starting to use the @ symbol.

Please remember that what you put before the @ symbol makes all the difference to who can and cannot see your post. Placing a period (.) before the @ symbol will ensure that everyone following yourself and the person tagged will be able to see the tweet. Not placing anything before the @ symbol will ensure that only people who follow both you and the person tagged can see it. The second option will severely limit the number of people who see your tweet.

#5 Hack; Stop The @ Confusion!

I don’t mean to harp on about this point but even big brands have been known to get this wrong and it can severely decrease the amount of exposure you’re getting from your tweets.what does @ mean on twitter

Placing a period (.) before the @ symbol needs to be done in almost all cases. For instance, if your tagging yourself into an upcoming event like;

@fifaworldcup Can’t wait to get into Brazil and party on the beach!

Only those that are following both you and @fifaworldcup will be able to see your tweet. That means a Twitter user needs to be following your account AND @fifaworldcup to be able to see your tweet! Pretty limiting right?

It’s amazing what a little dot (.) can do for your campaigns! 😉 See more info here.


Knowing the hacks that I just went through really can mean the difference between you collecting a serious following on Twitter in a very short period of time. I’ll be personally using these tips to help build relationships with other leaders in my niche for possible joint ventures and to try leverage the amount of loyal followers they’ve already acquired.

I hope you got some value from this post. If so, could you please leave me a comment below? You can ask a question, give feedback, let me know of something I’ve missed or simply share how this post has helped you. It would also be great if you could share this post within your own social network 😀








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What Does @ Mean On Twitter

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