What Does # Mean On Twitter – Don’t Be That Message In A Bottle Lapping A Deserted Island

What does a # symbol mean on Twitter you ask?

Well, turns out it could mean the difference between you killing it with your Twitter marketing efforts or your tweet having the same chance being found as a message in a bottle lapping a deserted island.

I’ve found that Tweets are being created every micro second of the day and it can be insanely difficult to see anything from people who actually post information that you or your audience are interested in. Twitters a tool to share your valuable content with the world but it’s also a way for you to share other peoples valuable content with your audience and hashtags (#) make it easy to find and do just that.

Your audience most likely has the same interests as you and so would appreciate learning about anything you’ve found valuable!

Using # Searches To Find Valuable Content To Re-Tweet

As I’ve already mentioned, your audience most likely has the same interests as you do and so re-tweeting any information that you’ve found useful will also benefit them. Using the hashtag (#) to find tweets to educate yourself and your audience is a great way to make your day much more productive and sharing the love will help further position yourself as an expert in your niche.

Let’s say your interested in learning more about how to market effectively on twitter, all you do is navigate to the twitter search bar and type that in. Twitter will then use content and hashtags (#) from recent tweets to determine the most relevant results (see image below).

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How To Use Twitter Hashtags (#) To Get Discovered

Using hashtags (#) effectively really can mean the difference between getting found or not on Twitter. There’s no point in creating all this great content, tweeting about it and having no one see it right? Just as you’ve used hashtags (#) to find valuable content, others are doing exactly the same thing to find yours! Be smart with your hashtags (#) and start getting found like never before, here are some examples below;





Hashtags.org lists hashtags that are currently popular (trending) on Twitter.

Personal Hashtagging (#) & Entering Competitions

Hashtags (#) don’t always have to be about business. We don’t always tweet about work right? Well I hope you don’t! Hashtags (#) can also be used to describe a mood your in, for instance #sohappyrightnow and it can also be used to enter competitions;

An entry into that sweepstakes might look like this:

My favorite summer memory is going to the state fair with my family when I was 5. I won a prize at ring toss! #winningsummer


what does # mean on twitter, How to use Twitter Hashtags,  what does hashtag mean on twitter,  how to create a hashtag on twitter

Hashtags (#) & Branding

Hashtags (#) offer the opportunity for you to further your brand by allowing your audience to identify your unique hashtag (#) with you. You should consider using your business name or alternatively and more recommended, come up with a unique tag line. For instance instead of Nike using #Nike they came up with the tag line #makeitcount.

The PiggyBack technique…

The PiggyBack techninque (yes I just made that up an yes you may use it) is a way for you to ride the wave of a popular search term or associate yourself with something notable in your niche.

For instance, let’s say you’re attending an event within your niche and want to gain some visibility from others that are going. You can tweet about it and hashtag (#) the event in your tweet! This will help you to possibly make new connections within your niche and if the tweets right, will help position yourself as an authority :)

How Long Should it Be?

Twitter only gives you 140 characters for a tweet and your hashtag (#) is included in that number. It’s best practice to keep them under 20 characters.


140 Characters…

How Many Hashtags (#) should I have?

After doing some research across the web, I’ve learnt that hashtags (#) should be limited to only 3 per tweet. I know it’s a little limiting but I think it’s best to follow the crowd on this one and besides, you don’t want to come off as to spammy right?

What Is Tweetdeck & How A Combination Of Hashtags (#) And Tweetdeck Can Simplify Your Life

Tweetdeck is an app for twitter that allows you to easily manage all aspects of your account from the one screen. It Feeds Your Home, Notifications, Messages and Activity feeds all from the one dashboard. One cool feature of Tweetdeck is you can specify a particular hashtag (#) you’re following and it’ll set-up a continuous feed for you to monitor. For example I can follow all tweets about the hashtag #twittermarketing and see what’s new in this field.

You could also use this tool to keep tabs on your branded hashtag (#) to ensure you haven’t overlooked anyone bad mouthing your brand. See a video below on How To Use Tweetdeck.


I hope you got some value out of this post and would appreciate any feedback you may have either in the FB or WP comments sections below. Also if you found this information useful then please share within your social media circles as I’m sure they will too :)


what does # mean on twitter,  How to use Twitter Hashtags, what does hashtag mean on twitter, how to create a hashtag on twitter







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